Grievance Policy

Last Updated: January 3, 2024

We recognize that in any environment in which people interact regularly, conflicts, complaints and concerns may arise. These issues may be between individuals, with staff or regarding specific policies or rules. This grievance procedure is in place to ensure you have a process to formally log your complaint or concern, be heard, and have an opportunity for resolution. You have the right to begin the Grievance Procedure if you believe that any policy has been unfairly applied to you, or that you and/or your family have been mistreated by anyone professionally associated with the organization.

1) All grievances should first be brought to the attention of the volunteers in the office. This is an
informal process, please call us at (425) 837-3125 or stop in the office during office hours.

2) If the issue is not resolved, you can request a meeting with a member of the Board of Directors. To do that you can call (425) 837-3125 or email and ask to make an appointment with a board member. The answering volunteer will guide you through the process of making the appointment. This must be a board member who was not involved in the client’s case.

3) If after following the above steps, you feel there is no resolution to your grievance, a meeting can be requested, in writing, with the Compliance Officer. Mail or email the request for a meeting within 3 days after the meeting with a Board member. Please mail to the address below:

Post request to:

Compliance Officer

Issaquah Community Services

PO Box 669

Issaquah  WA 98027

Email request to:

The Compliance Office or their designee will make the final decision on how the grievance will be resolve.d the decision will be made both verbally and in writing. A copy of the decision will be placed in a file for our records.