Issaquah Community Services (ICS) serves residents living within the Issaquah School District.

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Financial Aid

Issaquah Community Services (ICS) helps pay rent and utilities for residents of the Issaquah School District who find themselves in a financial emergency. This assistance has prevented many families and individuals from becoming homeless.

During the pandemic, the application process is conducted online and over the phone.  Volunteers listen to stories of clients and look for ways to help, sometimes with finances, or referrals, or a warm smile.  Payment is made directly to the landlord or vendor on behalf of the client; cash is never given.


Client Stories

In December 2019, Jenna* and her two young daughters were homeless, living in a motel.  Jenna had a retail sales job, but she couldn’t afford both childcare and move-in expenses.  Finally, in February, she was accepted for subsidized housing in Sammamish.  

A huge burden was lifted only to be replaced by the weight of COVID. Jenna got very sick in March and required hospitalization. She thought it was COVID but tested negative.  Her store remained open, but her hours were reduced, and she did not have paid sick leave to cover the hours she missed while sick.  At this point, Jenna contacted ICS for help because she was worried about paying the rent and other bills. Fortunately, ICS has been able to help twice with rent during the pandemic and this has alleviated some of Jenna’s stress.

Jenna is back to full-time work, but always juggling childcare, work, and other responsibilities, always on the financial edge.  She is very thankful for the help she has gotten from her community.  It has kept her family afloat in these rough times.

*name changed for privacy.

make a difference

Make a difference!
Donate. Volunteer.

Issaquah Community Services (ICS) is a 100% volunteer organization. It takes about 25 dedicated volunteers to meet with clients, to listen with a kind heart and to assist with finances when possible. During the pandemic, volunteers have the option of working from home or in the office.  All communication with clients is online or on the phone.

Volunteers may also choose to work on other critical activities such as social media marketing, website maintenance, fundraising, community outreach and grant writing.  We are also looking for new board members.

You, too, can help –  either with a tax deductible donation or as a volunteer.

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