About Issaquah Community Services (ICS)

Issaquah Community Services began serving the greater Issaquah community in 1973. A unique combination of local churches and businesses with concern for the welfare of those needing financial help spurred it’s establishment. Issaquah Community Services is chartered in the State of Washington as a non-profit. It is led by a board of directors and operated by an all-volunteer staff.

The Board and volunteers of Issaquah Community Services stand with the African-American community and Black Lives Matter and other people of color in their ongoing struggle against racism and social injustice. We acknowledge that racism, both overt and tacit, is sewn into the fabric of our society and institutions. We commit to listening to the voices of the oppressed to further our understanding, both individually and collectively, of institutional racism in America. We commit also to continued self-examination of our decision-making, policies, and procedures to avoid any racial bias. Issaquah Community Service is dedicated to the equitable treatment of all clients and to making this an inclusive society where all humans are treated with respect and dignity.

From its inception the goal of ICS has been to provide financial aid to local families when an emergency arises.

Assistance is given in the form a payment (or partial payment) going directly to a landlord or utility company. Over the years there have been other situations like dental care, prescriptions or bus tickets for which help has been given. Initially, funds were collected from businesses, churches and The Issaquah Press through its annual fund drive, Merry Christmas Issaquah. Today the Merry Christmas Issaquah and Sammamish Fund provides about 65% of the annual budget with donations from individuals, grants, churches, businesses and other organizations making up the balance. ICS has a budget of over $175,000 and directs nearly 97% of donations directly to clients who need a helping hand.

Issaquah Community Services is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, tax ID #91-1499522.

Issaquah Community Services has a sustained working partnership with the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank to distribute financial aid with one primary object: keep families in their homes. ICS shares office space with a caseworker from the Issaquah Food at Clothing Bank in Issaquah Community Hall on Sunset Way. The ICS office is open five mornings and one evening each week to accommodate one-on-one meetings with the 500+ clients it serves each year.

The all volunteer board meets the first Thursday of every month at City Hall.  Co-Presidents: Lori Birrell and Elaine Davis; Pat Randall, Treasurer; Pam MacDonald, Asst. Treasurer; Carol Halas, Secretary; Marie Frauenheim, Website and Scheduler; Mary Pat Edelman, Volunteer Recruitment; Georgia Megow, Marilyn Taylor, Jane Crum, Emeritus Board Members

Help by donating using PayPal or send a check to ICS, P.O. Box 669, Issaquah WA 98027