Lori Birrell has been an ICS dynamo since she first started volunteering with us after retiring from Boeing in 2011.   Lori quickly became involved in many facets of the organization. In 2013, she was elected board president, a post which she held until this year. Over this time, she has guided this organization through many transitions.  When COVID hit, she spearheaded changes which have made ICS stronger and more resilient. Her leadership has helped us continue to thrive.    

Lori’s commitment extends beyond ICS, as she generously gives her time to the Issaquah Meals Program and contributes to the betterment of St.
Michael and All Angels Church in Issaquah, where she and her husband Doug captained the new larger parking lot. Her recognition with the City of Issaquah Kiwanis Spiritual and Human Values award in 2019 is a testament to her outstanding contributions to the community. 

Lori is grateful for the intangible rewards that accrue from giving to her community. “It is an honor to be able to volunteer for ICS. The wonderful people you meet, learning their stories and helping them through a difficult time, has made me a better person and more understanding of the challenges of others.” 

Her dedication to ICS and her advocacy for those in financial crisis have made her a role model and an inspiration.  Her impact on ICS and the community at large is a testament to the positive change one person can make when driven by compassion and a strong sense of community.