At times everyone needs a helping hand.

Issaquah Community Services uses funds donated by the community to help our neighbors during difficult financial emergencies. We help people and families facing a housing or utility crisis and who are without resources to resolve it.

Since 2013, we have partnered with the Issaquah Food Bank in giving financial aid.

The story of two women

Seeking aid from ICS, Mary* had been living in motels with her 18 and 11-year-old sons. When her unemployment check ran out, she relied on individuals, churches and charities to pay the $50/night for a motel room for the family and all their belongings. Seeking assistance had become a time consuming job.

Mary had lost her well paying job in a layoff last year. That led to an eviction, repossession of her car, and then loss of her furniture and appliances for failure to pay a storage bill. Mary and her boys were part of an invisible population, a source of nightly income for bargain-rate motels.

ICS volunteers joined others from the community to help Mary find housing and collect furnishings.

Shortly after Mary came to ICS, she was followed by an older woman in dire need of help. Linda’s* disability income had been garnished by the IRS because her former husband had committed fraud on a joint tax return. Linda spent months living in her compact car before finding her current one-room rental. Referred by the food bank for medical and rental assistance, ICS partnering fund received through the Issaquah food and Clothing Bank were able to negotiate with Linda’s landlord to avoid a pending eviction.

*names have been changed