As of January 5, 2019, 168 donors have contributed $71,489 to

 The Merry Christmas Issaquah and Sammamish Annual Fund Drive.

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Jerry & Joanne Hartman & Family
Molly Aldassy
Douglas Lawrence
Tina Butt Blondino
T.B. Ostle
Chet & Pat Potuzak
Rich & Marilyn Batura
Eastside Home Assn
Lesley & Jim Austin
Connie Harris
Jo Ann McHolland
Janet M. Wall
Patricia Bice
St. Michael’s Play and Sing Along Messiah
St. Joseph’s Jesse Tree
Roy Seney
Ella Elman
Joseph Lalor
Linda Joy
Barbara Goldberg
Teresa Lin
Valerie Moore
Michelle Brown
Lori & Doug Birrell
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Pete & Karen Pool Norby
Martha DeCastro
Carla & Steven Hoffman
Rodger & Margo Shute
Richard & Helen Scott in memory of Annette Tierney
Eastside Home Assn
Gisela Smutny in memory of Peter J. Smutney
Richard & Joy McIlvaine
New Life Christian Fellowship
George W. Rowley Jr.
Kimberly Weiss
Rana Kassel
Tom & Sally Montgomery
Charles McCrone/Kaleidoscope School of Music
Wren & Leigh Hudgins
Linda Fruge
Jan Olson
Helene Moran Eberts
Kiwanis Club of Providence Point Issaquah
Mary Pat & Rick Edelman
Bjorn & Gail Sorensen
Anne Lutrick
Raymond Glew
Oscar & Suzanne Wallem
Ginny & F.M. Christiansen
Nancy & Danny Scarborough
in memory of Brenda Woodworth
Amanda & Doug Strombom
Gretchen Galer
Ann Fletcher & David Kappler
William D. Smiley
in memory of Elizabeth Ann Smiley
Diane Schirmer
Victoria Trigg
Margaret & Frederic Hawkins
in memory of Stan Pasen
Anita Butail
Celia Goldsberry
Rick Siem
Sue Abbott
Ann C Moore
Alan Dick
Gail Givan
Liz Permann
Nicole McHale
Dick & Wanda Dickson
Virginia A. Miller
Conrad Ball
James A. Dunkin
Mike & Marcia Delabarre in memory of Kyle Delabarre
Hans & Hazel Siebert
Gail Phillips
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Jenny Yeeles
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Bruce & Jackie Garden
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Edwin Werner
Jim & Luanne Caylor
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Christian Manley
Praise for Today Foundation
Andrea Massey
Marilyn Taylor
Chari Avolio in memory of Elva Nibbelink
Janet & David Bradshaw
Kristina Gravette
Margaret Aldassy
Victoria Lombardini-Kerns
Diane de Grasse
Carol Sumners
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Carol Weisbecker & Mike Ernst in memory of Rose Finnegan
Geraldine Carey
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Floyd A. Rogers
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Kendra Mills
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Hugh & Lois Ingram
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Sharon & Patrick Hardy
Robert Ingram in memory of Terri Ingram
Joseph & Jayne Alkana
Lucille Hersey
Mary & Richard Flanders
Dennis Hall & Tony Simmons
April & Charles Lundell
Shirleann Nold
Ann & Jim Crabtree
Barbara Murphy
David Short
Karen Lutz

Financial Aid

Issaquah Community Services (ICS) helps families with emergency aid to prevent homelessness with rent assistance.  It may help pay utility bills, bus tickets and other miscellaneous expenses. Payment is given on behalf of the client; cash is never given. Residents of the Issaquah School District are eligible. Volunteers listen to stories of clients and look for ways to help, sometimes with finances, or referrals, or a warm smile.

Client Stories

In April 2018, Kristen* came with her high school daughter to ICS office.  They had come from an abusive situation in an east coast state. Our volunteer inquired, what brought you such a far way west? She said her sister invited them because she had a affordable 3 bedroom apartment in Seattle, Yesler area. Shortly after they arrived, her sister’s building was the scheduled for renovation.  To replace her own lodging her sister could barely afford a single bedroom, so there was no room for Kristen and her daughter.  After sometime in a shelter Kristen, who has a full time night job, was able to get into local housing. Working to get enough funds she was short the damage deposit.Thanks to our generous donors we were able to help them get into a home of their own, finally.

*name changed for privacy.

Make a difference!
Donate. Volunteer.

Issaquah Community Services (ICS) is a 100% volunteer organization. It takes about 25 dedicated volunteers to train to meet with clients, to listen with a kind heart and to assist with finances when possible. You, too, can help –  either with a tax deductible donation or as a volunteer.