A Big Thank You to everyone who donated to the

2016 Merry Christmas Issaquah Fund.

Our grand total was $89,377! 

That money is already helping local community members in times of need.

Special thanks to the many places of worship that give generously during the Christmas season and throughout the year.  This year, Faith Church and St. Michaels and All Angels Sing Along Messiah deserve mention for their contributions.


We accept donations year round.  Please give by clicking below. Thank you.

And remember, matching funds can increase your contribution.

Financial Aid

Issaquah Community Services (ICS) provides emergency aid to residents of the Issaquah School District in the form of utility payments, rent assistance, bus tickets and other miscellaneous expenses depending on specific need and the emergency. Payment is given on behalf of the client; cash is never given. Referrals to other agencies, a listening ear and warm smile are always offered.

Client Stories

Mary lost her well-paying job in 2012 and was soon evicted from her apartment and eventually lost her household goods for failure to pay her storage bill.  She turned to living with her 18 and 11-year-old sons in motels …. until her unemployment checks ran out. For a while, she relied on family, friends, churches and charities to help her pay the $50/night for a motel room for her family and all their belongings. Issaquah Community Services (ICS) joined others from the community to help her find housing and collect furnishings.

Make a difference!
Donate. Volunteer.

Issaquah Community Services (ICS) is a 100% volunteer organization. It takes about 25 dedicated volunteers to train to meet with clients, to listen with a kind heart and to assist with finances when possible. You, too, can help –  either with a tax deductible donation or as a volunteer.